The #Erth gallery

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The #Erth gallery was held today at Courentia hotel, the artwork of many artists had been shown such as Elham Alferjani, Mohammed Alkharoubi, Alaa Bodabous, Takwa Barnousa, Sassi Hareib and Ahmed Albaroudy. Hala Bugaigis, the Co-founder of Jusoor Centre for Studies and Development gave a keynote speech about the importance of Erth specially at this specific time with all the conflicts going on in Libya, pointing out that #Erth is trying to encourage people to practice art and put the basis for a creative economy to ensure the sustainability of artistic field for it’s importance in the rebuilding process after the crisis Libya is going through, taking other countries through history as an example. Many people from different backgrounds had attended the event, we also had a very special guest Bettina Moshayde, the European Union ambassador, showing her gratitude for this special artistic and cultural event , she sees it as a “beautiful and emotional language”, she also mentioned how she always wanted to listen to traditional Libyan music, and her wish was granted today adding that “music is an international language”. Also, Almaaloof band (Assaraya) was playing during the whole evening, sharing their captivating music with everyone. The gallery was held in many other cities beside Tripoli, as a part of other cultural and artistic events.