Houn (evaluation)

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The judges of #Erth Contest had announced the names of the 3 qualified contestants yesterday in #Houn, and they are:

Mohammed Altejani Darfouna collector of manuscripts, old pictures and ancient books, to put them all in one book.

Iftima Omar Mohammedan owner of a handmade accessories and everyday equipment project from date palm leaves.

Farah Abdullah Zagoubfor her wonderful collection of mosaics made from traditional clothes.

Special thanks to our judges: Kamal Abuzaida local and international artist and photographer. Hanan Yousefa writer and a poet.Ibrahim Fakranaan artist and a director. 12 contestants had competed to earn themselves a place with the Southern region finalists! Now, these 3 finalists are qualified to compete with other contestants in Tunisia to win the grand prize which is 3000£ cash. Congratulations to our finalists for making it this far we’re really proud of you, we cannot wait to see you in Tunisia! And to all those who didn’t make it, better luck next time.