Evaluation (Tripoli)

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The judges of #ErthContest had announced the names of the 6 qualified contestants yesterday in #Tripoli, and they are:

Ahmed Albaroudy, with a picture book showing the Libyan street life in Arabic and English.
Sassi Hareib,with a book project called Lebasona “our traditional outfit” an archive for traditional Libyan clothes through the years.
Aisha Almalyan, with handmade accessories starting from her mother’s collection to show Libyan heritage.
Seham Ahmed Saleh, the founder of “Naqsha”, a project that blossomed from sketches all the way to animation presenting the Libyan culture.
Najwa Alshukri, with a fashion designing project, integrating the sophistication of the past and the modernity of the present.
Anas Abumais, the co-founder of History Of Libya project, to make people acquainted with the Libyan History.

Special thanks to our judges:
Elham Alferjani, a member of the teaching staff in the Arts and Media faculty and a founding member of Tripoli’s Art Centre.
Mohammed Alkharouby, a founding member at the International union of Islamic Calligraphy and Libyan Printmakers Centre for drifting.
Ibrahim Hamidana Libyan writer and a journalist.
56 contestants had competed to earn themselves a place with the finalists!
Now, these 6 finalists are qualified to compete with other contestants in Tunisia to win the grand prize which is 3000€ cash.
Congratulations to our finalists for making it this far we’re really proud of you, we cannot wait to see you in Tunisia! And to all those who didn’t make it, better luck next time.
This, among other activities, excutied by Jusoor Center for Studies and Development to celebrate the Libyan Identity. This event is part of Culture Link project that is funded by the European Union.