Benghazi (Evaluation)

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The judges of #Erth Contest had announced the names of the three qualified contestants yesterday in #Benghazi, and they are:

Abdullah Hadia, a digital artist who used his wonderful art to tell myths and stories from the Libyan heritage.

 Wadee Alatrashprovided an entire encyclopedia about the Libyan culture and identity in English.

And finally Almahdi Omar, a film maker with a documentary telling the Libyan story for 50 years by a person who has lived it.

Special thanks to our judges: Rehab Othman Shneib, a writer and a poet. Hazem Alferjanian academic and a lecturer at IT faculty. Jamal Alsherifa fine artist and a lecturer at The Arts and Mass Communication faculty. Afaf Azubaira lecturer at the Arts and mass communication faculty and an art critic. Nisreen Amerthe director of Justice without borders. 24 contestants had competed to earn themselves a place with the Eastern region finalists! A lot of the work was original and creative, while others missed the concept of expressing the Libyan identity through art and technology. Now, these 3 finalists are qualified to compete with other contestants in Tunisia to win the grand prize which is 3000£ cash. Congratulations to our finalists for making it this far we’re really proud of you, we cannot wait to see you in Tunisia! And to all those who didn’t make it, better luck next time.